Myken Arctic Dry Gin, 47 vol% alcohol

Gin still

Our gin is made from our new make malt spirit, which has first been twice distilled in direct-fired copper pot stills.

The spirit is then mixed with crushed botanicals, including juniper (some of it locally sourced at Myken), coriander, citrus, grains of paradise, liquorice root, etc. Two special ingredients are hand-picke din Myken: sea-buckthorn (Tindved) berries, and leaves of King’s crown (Rosenrot). After steeping for at least 24 hours, the spirit is re-distilled with the botanicals in place, again in a direct-fired copper pot still. The result is recognisably gin, but with a distinct flavor that highlights its origin.

The gin may turn cloudy when diluted with water, ice, or tonic – this is due to the fact that none of our products are chill-filtered, as we believe that process takes away some of the desired flavor components.

We hope to have this product available for sale at Vinmonopolet in early 2016.
Meanwhile, the following bars/restaurants are able to serve you Myken Arctic Dry Gin:

  • Emaus Pub & Spiseri, Lovund
  • Lovund RorbuHotel, Lovund
  • Oscarbrygga, Tonnes
  • Brukbar / Blæst, Trondheim
  • Søstrene Karlsen Bar og Kjøkken, Trondheim
  • Kalas & Canasta, Trondheim
  • Alma’s, Trondheim

Private Arctic Whisky Casks, <60 vol% alcohol casks of myken

Our new make spirit is made the traditinoal way, with only malted barley, water, and yeast. Its charecteristics come from our production process (direct-fired copper pot stills), the storage atmosphere (maritime and windy), and the casks in which it matures to become whisky.

At present, only non-peated spirit and ex-bourbon casks are on offer.

Your private cask is marked with your name, and you are welcome to take part in the filling process if you want. One yearly sample is included, to allow you to follow the maturation process, and help in deciding when to bottle the contents.

Norwegian law prevents us from selling directly to private consumers. However, we are able to offer top quality 40-litre casks for your purchase. The price includes storage in our warehouse for the required minimum three years to get proper whisky, as well as insurance etc. We will then fill the casks with new make malt spirit in exchange for an interest-free loan of NOK 16.000,- (NOK 400,-/litre). This loan is then repaid when the bottled contents of the cask are sold to you through Vinmonopolet (or any other legal channel, e.g. export abroad). State taxes and VAT are added at this stage. For more information and full details about this offer, please e-mail us at

Special conditions apply for professional customers (HoReCa) – please inquire for details.