About us

Myken Distillery was established in 2013, and started production on the small island of Myken, 32 km from the mainland in 2014. We are Norway’s only dedicated whisky distillery, and also the world’s northernmost and first Arctic whisky distillery. We produce and store the under the Northern lights and the Midnight sun, with the waves of the ocean washing almost over the distillery and the warehouse. We think this is going to be noticeable in the finished product.

The ocean itself gives us plenty of cooling water for optimal processing. In fact the water in our production also comes from the sea – by desalination. It is among the nation’s purest water. With a focus on quality craftsmanship and precision, we are never going to be a huge industrial company – we want to ensure the highest quality in what we produce. We are faithful to old and revered traditions in the whisky world, while trying to put our own unique mark on this multifaceted, golden beverage.

We’ve got a lot of very good feedback already, which makes us confident that you will not be disappointed with our whisky!

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